For this edition of 3 Things: an egg sandwich to die for, an art show that’s a virtual vacation, and a beauty product I can’t live without…



My favorite word in the English language is egg. The onomatopoeia of it is beyond. Egg sounds exactly like what it is: round and full, with a little crack at the end. I love eggs—scrambled, fried, poached, deviled, in a tortilla, in ramen, on a burger, on a pizza. I think about this particular egg sandwich at the wee Egg Shop in Nolita a lot, and if I lived downtown, I’d eat it all the time. The Egg Shop B.E.C. has a perfectly fried egg, white cheddar, black forest bacon, tomato jam, and pickled jalapeño on a soft bun. It’s messy, and delectable.

Night vibes. 😍 #eggsyall

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Egg Shop, 151 Elizabeth Street, NYC



Often, when you think back on a far-off childhood memory, there’s only an evanescent, slightly abstracted image left behind. For me, that’s what Maureen Gallace’s beautiful paintings are like. Her jewel-like landscapes, New England cottages and barns, coastlines, and spring flowers are just beyond my reach—like a dream I just woke up from. I’m lucky enough to own one of these quiet little canvases, and it’s featured in a stunner of show, Maureen Gallace: Clear Day, at MOMA PS1.

Maureen Gallace’s “Yellow Field, Easton, Ct.”, 2002

Maureen Gallace’s “Yellow Field, Easton, Ct.”, 2002

The show is open through September 10, so head to Queens this spring or summer (it’s super-easy to get there via the subway, I promise). Strolling through the white, airy rooms and looking at Gallace’s lovely, tranquil, and haunting paintings is like taking a sweet vacation.



A massive perk of being a beauty writer/editor in NYC is that I have an A-list glam squad. Mine includes superstar hair colorist Rita Hazan, who works with the likes of Beyoncé and Madonna, and Mylo Carrion—the hairstylist who makes bangs and layers an art form at the Rita Hazan Salon.

When I brought in a photo of actress Lena Headey… 

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… my glam squad knocked it out of the ballpark with a full-on makeover.

Rita darkened my hair a lot, making it a deeper, richer brunette shade, which I LOVE. Only problem is, roots are much more obvious when your hair is really dark.

If I can’t get in for a touch-up every five weeks, the grays start peeking out, and before I know it, they take over. Luckily I have an emergency kit: Rita’s one-of-a-kind, totally unparalleled root concealers. (FYI, I hear that Justin Theroux’s a fan too, so add that to the hotness factor. 🔥 🔥 🔥 ) I couldn’t live without these two lifesavers—and I couldn’t live without Rita, either!